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Learning to shoot portraits proficiently and efficiently with natural light involves knowledge, skills, gear and techniques that all developing portrait photographers should acquire. Skilled use of natural light can often far exceed the results captured with the aid of flashes or strobes. But it is most important to understand all the possibilities of natural light so you are aware of the possiblities. Found here: Flash-Free Portrait Photography

flash free portrait photography natural light

Flash-Free Portrait Photography (Click to Learn More)

There are several advantages to learning how to use natural light as opposed to strobes. Flash equipment can be expensive and can be troublesome to transport and set up in the field. The learning curve for using strobes is also a little steeper. Besides these factors, natural light has a different look than that of flash photography which may suit your or your client’s needs better.

This 115 page ebook starts off with seven quick tips for better natural light portraits. Some of these tips are geared particularly towards lighting your your subject with natural light while others are directed at portraiture in general. Beyond these seven tips, you will find in-depth sections about gear, camera settings, lighting conditions, compositions, and how to work with your subject. Plus there are nine more suggestions at the end of the book to help you improve your portrait photography even further.

Though you may not need all the strobes, light stands, extension cords, umbrellas, and wireless triggers that go along with flash photography, you will still need some gear. This ebook will explain what natural lighting tools are available and what each one can do for you. This includes reflectors, scrims, flags, grip, stands, filters, and more.

flash free portrait photography natural light

Pages from Flash-Free Portrait Photography

This ebook can show you how to:

  • Take Advantage of Various Natural Lighting
  • Adapt to Changing Light
  • Choose the Best Place and Times to Shoot
  • Compose Your Photo With Natural Lighting Elements
  • Capture Golden Hour Light
  • Work With Your Subject
  • Find the Gear That Works For You
  • Adjust Your Camera Settings to Your Advantage

“This book is not about teaching you to shoot natural light portraits that resemble mine or those of anyone else. Its purpose is to arm you with the knowledge you need to get out there and photograph natural light portraiture with skill and know-how; to help you grow and develop so that you can develop your own, personal, natural light portrait style and shoot awesome natural light portraits.”

How to get a copy:

The guide comes in PDF format that can be read on computers, phones and most tablet computers (works great as a mobile reference out in the field).

Found here: Flash-Free Portrait Photography

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