Fine Art Landscape Photography Tips

In the following video, Miles Morgan lectures about fine art landscape photography as he takes his own pictures as examples to demonstrate and describe the creative process of his work, from conception to digital finishing. Please consider that the whole lecture/presentation lasts 1h and 50min. See it here:

Miles Morgan, a self called amateur photographer, seeks the true beauty that nature itself can deliver to the human eyes. Miles, son of well-known photojournalist Hank Morgan, is actually new in photography, although his work has the scent of an experienced professional. Nonetheless, Miles admittedly processes his photos digitally, as it is his philosophy of photography, enhancing certain features of the landscape that, in reality, weren’t visible or couldn’t be captured.

On a global note, the lecture is targeted for starters and intermediate photographers desiring more of landscape photography. Miles Morgan addresses planning and preparation, through compositional rules and tips, to post processing tricks and techniques, so you can improve your landscape photographs just like he does.

“The greatest gift that photography has given me is the return to nature that I was definitely missing in my life.”

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