Finding Focus, Understanding the Camera’s Eye

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Finding Focus eBook

The topic of focus is a very technical one which this new eBook tackles. After all, when a new camera is released some of the biggest praise (and criticism) revolves around the focusing system—speed, accuracy, and quality are all extremely important.

In this eBook, Nicole Young  covers topics such as aperture, depth of field, and lens compression, along with aesthetically relevant concepts like how we see, why we focus on certain things, and the best ways of focusing on certain subjects.

She also discusses lenses, software, and photographic techniques and how each of these plays a part in creating a sharper image or an image with intentional blur. Lastly, the book provides a few tips on how to prevent some common focusing mistakes. If you are itching to learn more about the technical side of creating sharp images and controlling your depth of field, then you may want to look closer.

Sometimes focus has nothing to do with your lens, or even your aperture. Sometimes the story in an image is the exact opposite of what is actually in focus. Balancing the technical with the aesthetic and creative properties of a photograph, along with understanding that every decision you make affects your outcome, is crucial to achieving a beautifully composed, tack-sharp, and well-thought-out photograph.

Primary Sections (37 Pages):

  • Introduction
  • The aperture
  • Depth of field
  • Lens compression
  • Types of lenses and glass
  • Understanding focus systems on cameras
  • How to focus
  • People & animals
  • Landscapes
  • Group portraits
  • Still life
  • Focus on storytelling
  • Focusing on software
  • Sharpening in Photoshop & Lightroom
  • Macro photography & focus stacking
  • Adding blur with software
  • Lytro light field cameras
  • Common mistakes and tips to avoid them
focus in photography

Pages from Finding Focus

“Be intentional. Make the entire frame count. Remember that where you don’t focus can sometimes matter as much (or more) than where you do focus. Every decision you make shapes the story your photograph will tell, so remember that and keep your mind sharp. Overall, do what feels right, looks beautiful, and expresses your vision, and you can never be wrong.”  -Nicole S. Young

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