Film Photography in the Age of Digital

Digital photography brought about a revolution in the photography industry. It has evolved to such a great extent that almost everyone has a camera in their pockets today. Many might have guessed that the existence of film photography would’ve ceased to exist by now. But in reality, that’s not the case, at least for now. In fact, many of the younger generations have been taking interest in the process of shooting and developing film. What is it that has kept film photography still alive? NBC Left Field takes a closer look:

A younger generation of photographers have not had the opportunity to work with film. Their first ever camera was a digital one. Film photography is thus something of a “new” experience to them. They feel it’s fascinating. The retro look film photos is also something that they love. And with the growing popularity of film in social media, people want that hands-on experience of the process for themselves. This has caused a significant growth in the demand of film cameras in recent years.

“What has happened is, the demand has completely exceeded the supply in a lot of cases causing the prices of some of these (film) cameras to absolutely just be completely ridiculous.”

The buzz and interest created by social media among the newer generation has definitely given a boost to analog photography for the time being. But how long will it last? Will film photography be able to see even a fraction of the usage that it had originally? Only time will tell. In an age when people look for immediate gratification, the process involved in film photography can be a pain for many photographers.

“In a world where everything seems to pass us by in a split second, the process behind film photography reminds us that sometimes it’s okay to slow down to acknowledge everything and everyone around us, and to take in every moment one frame at a time.”

How do you feel about film photography? Have you ever tried it? And do you think that it will truly make a comeback?

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