Fashion Photography Techniques with a Very Cheap Camera

Fashion and music photographer Paul John Bayfield is the subject of this Cheap Camera Challenge. If you know DRTV you already know what the challenge is all about. They shove the ugliest, smallest, and weirdest camera in the hands of a pro photographer and watch them attempt to make something out of it. In most cases it’s a reassurance of the age old adage, “It’s the photographer who makes the camera and not the other way round.” Take a look:

This time, DigitalRev handed Bayfield a Vivitar DVR 781HD action camera:

cheap camera challenge Paul John Bayfield

The hot pink camera!

It’s got a resolution of 5 megapixels, a power saving mode, a mic, and a handy HD LCD screen. The package came with a few other accessories, including what appeared to be some sort of selfie stick—though there was no way to fire the camera using the stick—and a water-proof housing, which surprisingly worked.

Just for the record, Bayfield normally shoots with a Nikon D4 and a D810.

Check out some of the images that he shot with the pink punk camera:

fashion photography with a 5 megapixel camera

Cheap Camera Challenge


Fashion Photography with a Cheap Camera


5MP Camera Final Image

Hitting the streets with a punk camera in hand, Bayfield was quickly into his element. He demonstrated why he’s such a fantastic fashion photographer. Not because of his gear but because of his approach. He demonstrated that he could establish a relationship with a complete stranger, and that’s the secret to making great portrait photos. He could walk up to anybody he so fancied and “abduct” the person to a place, pose, and outfit of his choice for a portrait.

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