Fashion Photography Shot in Medium Format

First, on a technical note, “medium format photography” refers (on a basic notion) to a shooting format that is somewhere between a full-frame (35mm) and a large-format (4×5 inches). In digital photography, medium format refers both to the cameras adapted from medium format film and to the cameras using sensors larger than 35mm. Also, and as you will see in the video below, medium format film cameras can be retrofitted with digital camera backs, converting them to digital cameras.

German photographer and light master Frank Doorhof shows you pretty much everything about his workflow, techniques, and setups to produce exquisite, high contrast portrait photographs wherever you are. With his natural and confident pose, you will learn how to model the light, to use it for your own purpose and benefit, as Frank strongly believes that by mastering your light and understanding what you’re doing, you can be freed of the burden that is holding back a lot of photographers in their creativity.

This is an hour-long video session that you can’t possibly miss, as Frank will capture you interest and attention from the very first second!

Frank teaches us that understanding the light is, by far, the key feature to produce and create marvelous works, for when you understand how light works and what exactly it does, you will be able to manipulate it, to embrace it, and think of what you can possibly do with it, to shape it according to your needs, regardless if it is a spotlight or sunlight. Those are the best ingredients to create stunning images instead of struggling to get the look you’re after.

In the end, you’ll realize that it will all come down to one of Frank’s work mottos:

“Why fake it, when you can create it?”


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