Exposure and Photography

In photography, there are three fundamental aspects that every photographer should familiarize themselves with: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. The video below does a great job of laying out the basics in an easily understandable manner. If you’ve been wondering how to take images with just the right exposure, have a look:

These three elements are all used as essential means of achieving correct exposure. When one changes, it affects the exposure. It’s your job as a photographer to understand how to balance all three of them, making sure that they all work together to get a properly exposed image.

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3 responses to “Exposure and Photography”

  1. Great video for beginners!

    Please leave out the “sound effects” next time! Really detracts from the value of the material being presented.

  2. Samortal says:

    Despite what John Seacrowe said the effects were great. I knew what ISO did and what Shutter Speed did from my Canon S5 I just upgraded to a DSLR and explaining things like a video game definitely worked for me :) great job on the video!

  3. flashfs says:

    I like videogames, so I didn’t think the sound effects were distractive.

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