Emotional Connection Through Street Photography

For Rinzi Ruiz, street photography is much more than just taking to the street hoping to capture interesting objects as they pass by. Ruiz sees the entire process of walking the streets as a sort of meditative practice. He took up street photographer after his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and Ruiz needed a distraction, an outlet. Hear his inspiring story:

Ruiz hopes that people get a similar connection to the subject when they are looking at his photographs as Ruiz does when he is taking them. According the artist himself he likes to create photos which show a central light with the rest of the image falling off into the shadows. This artistic approach is clearly present in all of his work.




“When I found a camera and I started shooting, all those things that I saw I was able to capture. The instant part of capturing a moment, I was able to show, ‘Okay, this is how I see things.’ Through photography I learned a lot about myself.”

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4 responses to “Emotional Connection Through Street Photography”

  1. Evan Buchanan says:

    This was a huge inspiration for me to get back to hitting the pavement and getting some more street shots again. I’ve been so focused on trying to master other photographic styles that I put my street photography on the back burner. I shouldn’t have allowed that to happen.

  2. Paul's Pictures says:

    It’s great to see the approach this guy takes. Connection, creative without exploiting the people he photographs. What I would call a street photographer in the true humanist tradition.
    And Even. Never say shouldn’t! LOL Never too late and often we need time away from the street to come back refreshed, renewed and sometimes with a clearer vision. I wish you well!

  3. Craig says:

    Now this is street photography, truly beautiful. That strong emotional connection is there for the viewer to see. So much street today is merely photography of people in the street – Ruiz transcends that approach and his photos finds their roots in the classical expression of street photography by some of the masters. Importantly he is not copying it is his own view. Truly inspirational, humanistic and beautiful!

  4. Par images says:

    A great street photographer, rinzi s work is really something special

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