Elaborate Light Painting Photography

Can’t afford those expensive studio lights for you photography setup? Why not use flashlights? That’s what a group of photographers did to create some stunning images for the social media site HeartStories. Production designer Rachael Currie came up with the idea to solely use flashlights to paint the scene, and with a long exposure and a couple of people running around waving flashlights, it was a success:

Of course, this was a very creative shoot, and you couldn’t practically use flashlights in place of real studio lights for capturing portraits and the like. But the idea is to think outside the box. Sometimes your limitations can push you to think of and create new things that you would have otherwise never considered. Even if you do have all the equipment you could ever want, it doesn’t mean that you can create great photographs.

This team doesn’t look like they’re on a strict budget (since they appear to have rented out an old warehouse), but they decided to approach their project from a unique angle. One that, while much more affordable than most shoots, seems to be inspired more by creativity than money.

music and light

Created using only flashlights to light the scene.

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