New: Effective Storytelling with Photography

Storytelling is the single biggest photographic skill, that you can learn, that will make your work stand out from everyone else. This new premium guide by Kent DuFault is 133-pages of deep training, giving you a simple and practical understanding of using storytelling to make your photographs stand out. We were able to negotiate a 42% discount for our readers today which ends soon if you’re interested. Deal found here: Effective Storytelling with Photography at 42% Off

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New: Effective Storytelling with Photography

You’ll get 7 complete chapters of training, illustrations, case-studies and self-check quizzes. It will teach you every aspect of the storytelling process, and also, (even more importantly), how you can implement that knowledge into your photographic efforts.

Some of the Many Topics Covered (133 Pages):

  • You’ll learn the secrets behind- How to communicate a story idea- VISUALLY!
  • Become an expert at telling stories with multiple photographs- this is the core skill of a photojournalist.
  • Refine your talent at identifying which equipment to use that will deliver the BEST story to your viewers-
  • Discover how to tell multiple stories from a single vantage point.
  • Transform your photography – through a thorough discussion – (of a Hugely Important Storytelling Tool) – The Crop.
  • Everyone talks about storytelling photography- But… very few KNOW what actually ‘creates’ a story in a photo! You will be one of the few!
  • Become a student of Innuendo, Juxtaposition, and Timing…
  • Learn EXACTLY what makes a story VALID or NOT! (This is critical!)
  • And so much more
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Pages From the Guide (Click to See More)

Here’s something to think about when you’re about to create a photograph – even a slight change could turn that image from something “normal” and “not memorable” into an image that is an unforgettable storytelling effort. Something truly special, that has a lasting impact on the viewer.

How to Get a Discounted Copy Today (with Bonuses):

We were able to negotiate a 42% discount for our readers today which ends soon (just $29, normally $50). Right now it also includes 2 bonuses: a printable storytelling checklist and two training videos. All of it also carries an amazing 365 day happiness guarantee so there is no risk in trying it.

Deal ending soon: Effective Storytelling with Photography at 42% Off

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