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Have you ever thought about doing your own documentary photography project? Maybe you have or maybe you’ve never even thought of the possibility. While it’s true that documentary photography books are not widespread and well-known, this is one reason that pursuing it can be exciting and successful. It’s not yet a fully tapped genre of photography and therefore leaves a lot of room for new projects. If this concept excites you, consider checking out the new ebook Lobster Island: How We Did It. This guide to documentary photography takes you behind-the-scenes of photographer couple Lauren and Rob Lim’s own project in a step-by-step process.

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How a Documentary Photography Project was Completed (Click to Learn More)

The goal of Lauren and Rob’s book is not necessarily to help you make a monumental declaration in terms of life and the world we live in, but to simply document and share a specific experience with others in an engaging way. The book aims to help you get the most out of your experience and be able to share it with others also.

Elements the Book Covers (103 Pages):

  • Planning – This includes planning out your concept, preparing the things you’ll need for your documentary project, and getting ready for day-to-day shooting.
  • Creating and Choosing Photos – There are tips throughout the book that can guide you on capturing those key moments for your project and a section that goes over choosing the right photographs for your book.
  • Shooting Video – This book has a section dedicated to shooting video in addition to stills.
  • Layout and Printing – Design and technical printing details are discussed for when you’ve finished all of your shooting.
  • Promotion – From business cards to creating a website, this book will give you tips on promotional tools you can use to let the world know your book is available.
  • Final Details – This includes things like your book cover, dealing with limitations, pricing your book, and what to do after you’ve finished your book.
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Pages from eBook (Click to See More)

“Pursuing a documentary project can help both your art and your business.”

“Best of all, pursuing this kind of work gets you out into the world, meeting new people, and learning new things – all with your camera in hand!”

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