Do You Have a Camera Emergency Kit?

A thousand things can go wrong when you’re shooting on location, and while you can’t control everything that happens, you can come prepared. Here’s Jay P. Morgan to show you what he always has on hand to keep his shoots rolling along, come hell, high water, or a broken screw:

I think we all can agree that having a portable emergency camera gear kit with us on location is a good idea, but when asked what to put in it, most beginners probably wouldn’t think of an assortment of screws. Yet the fact of the matter is, many equipment failures are often as simple as a stripped, broken, or lost screw, and in the photography world that usually means the 1/4″-20 threaded screw.

From tripods to handles for various camera or equipment, the 1/4″-20 screw does just about everything in our world, and having a kit filled with both the screws themselves and the ability to drill/repair holes for them can be the difference between a successful shoot and one plagued by delays.

On Location Emergency Kit

What has saved you while shooting on location? Let us know!

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