DIY 50mm f/1.2 Lens for Photographers on a Budget

One of the most difficult parts of delving into photography is the inevitable costs involved. Cameras, lenses, and lights are all necessities of the trade. Nevertheless, purchasing gear can be a strain on an artist’s wallet. Seeking out creative, affordable options, Mathieu Stern used just two inexpensive products to create a makeshift fixed 50mm lens of his own:

By rigging a Bell and Howell 51mm f/1.2 projector lens to an E-mount extension tube, Stern was able to replicate the results of a camera lens that normally sells for thousands of dollars. Stern’s photo compilation shows that landscapes, still life, and portraits alike can look absolutely gorgeous through the correct vantage point.

Projector lens landscape

One of the most distinctive aspects of the projector lens is its incredibly shallow depth of field paired with a crystal clear focal point. Creating a unique three dimensional effect, this setup is a dream come true for bokeh lovers on a budget.

Portrait with bokeh

The best part about Stern’s solution has to be its affordability. Using bidding websites such as Amazon and eBay, it’s possible to get both of the necessary parts for less than $20! So, the next time you feel the need to upgrade your equipment, take a look into the supplies you have lying around. With a little creativity, you may just be able to save a few dollars and enhance the quality of your images simultaneously!

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