Defining the Word “Photographer”

Have you ever asked yourself, “What makes you a photographer?” Is it the gear? The desire to create? The need for other to see your vision? In this inspirational video, director Andy Newman interviews two photographers: Andria Lindquist, a professional photographer, and Cory Staudacher, an Instagramer. Together they look at what it means to be a photographer and how it has affected their lives personally:

These two photographers seem to lie on opposite sides of the photography spectrum. One uses a professional DSLR and the other uses an iPhone. But in reality they want a lot of the same things: to meet new and interesting people, to create images for others to be inspired by, and to be inspired by creative works of others.

photographing with instagram

A group of photographers using their camera phones

“You have to have confidence that whatever path that you’re on – that you’re going with your gut and following your heart – it’s the right path that you’re going down.”

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5 responses to “Defining the Word “Photographer””

  1. Goobernutz says:

    Gear. That’s all there is to it. And I can prove it. I have lots of gear and I’m a photographer. Not a good one. But I definitely take photographs. Nw my little brother is too poor to buy a camera. And his two year old fingers probably couldn’t even hold my 5D. So no matter how much he cries, he can’t be called a photographer. So there you go. Gear = Photographer.

  2. Alex says:

    Dictionary says:
    a person who takes photographs, esp. as a job.

    I say:
    a person who has a passion for taking photos.

  3. Jeff says:

    Hey guys! I have a question, that girl’s camera… What type of lens is that?? (16:16) I mean, the one with this square thing (I thought it was like a full frame thing, but I really don’t know…)
    Any help would be awesome, I’ve been looking for what that is everywhere, and still, I’ve no idea….
    Thank you!

  4. Amy says:

    Jeff, I think it’s a tilt shift?

  5. I agree with Alex. A photographer is someone who “draws with light”, that is, who takes photographs.
    Nice videos.

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