Day in the Life of a White House Presidential Photographer

Being a White House photographer seems like a glamorous job to have once you set aside the long hours and relentless travel. With the United States presidential campaign going on in full force, photographers like Jason Reed are faced with never ending, albeit  exciting work days. If you think political photography is a path you may want to pursue, take a look at the video clip below for some insight into the life of a White House photographer:

Even the down time spent traveling between campaign stops becomes work time to Reed, as he hurriedly transfers, edits, and uploads his images onto his laptop. In fact, his official motorcade vehicle, Dwyer One, has essentially become his traveling office. On longer journeys, the Rueters photographer joins the campaign on Air Force One or Marine One.

presidential photography

“America is seen as a blur from the cornfields of Iowa to the the streets of New York. It all begins to look the same, both day and night. The days start early and last long.”

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