Composing the Photo: Creating Order from Chaos

A well-composed photo has a poetic balance. The feeling is one of perfection, as if that one moment on Earth was special, and it was captured in the absolute perfect manner. Composition is difficult to study as it has to do with our perception and attention to detail, but it can be improved through knowledge and practice. Top travel photographer Trey Ratcliff agreed to give our readers 15% off his popular in-depth composition guide. Found here: Creating Order from Chaos

composing the photo

Trey Ratcliff’s Composition Guide (Click to Learn More)

In this book, Trey shows you his method for setting up your shot for great composition as well as using the crop tool in post processing to make your current and future images even more interesting and beautiful to the viewer.

Just Some of the Many Topics Covered (54 Pages):

  • A detailed how-to about composing photos
  • Countless examples of the how/when/why of setting up a shot on the scene
  • Postprocessing: the how/when/why to crop your image for more meaning and power
  • Deep discussions on how viewers react to different compositions
  • There is an equal emphasis on composing landscapes and composing people
  • Bonus Edition: Many examples of people/object photography, how to choose the best photo from a “Spray and Pray”, and more sample Golden Ratio crops

‘I sometimes equate learning composition to learning a golf swing. I notice that people that have a good golf swing (not me) whisper little reminders to themselves from time to time. They practice here and there, even when they are not holding a golf club! Like Buddhists, they chant mantras like, “Cock your wrist here,” and, “Shift weight to left leg,” et cetera. We should try to achieve the same goal with composition. I want you thinking about it all the time, even when you are not holding a camera.

pages from composing the photo

Pages from ‘Composing the Photo’ (Click to See More)

It is my goal that you come away from this eBook with many new viewpoints and opinions on how to better compose an image.’ -Trey Ratcliff

How to Get a Copy:

We were able to negotiate a 15% discount for our readers. It also carries a guarantee, if you are not satisfied with any part of the book just let them know and they will give you a full refund so there is no risk in trying it.

It can be found here: Composing the Photo – Creating Order from Chaos

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