Clever Photographer Masters the Art of the Selfie

Before cameras and cell phone pictures, there were painted portraits. Portraits were the ‘selfies’ back in the day. One clever gallery goer decided to update a few Renaissance paintings in a very modern way:

Olivia Muus was on a trip to the National Gallery of Denmark when she realized the hilarious beauty in a simple snapshot she had takenĀ of her cellphone, hand, and painted portrait. She, and her ‘right hand’ man, Sophie Hotchkiss, have since started snapping these chuckle-worthy portraits at other museums.

“I took a picture for fun and liked how this simple thing could change their character and give their facial expression a whole new meaning.”

These personalities look like they were made for 21st century selfies!

Muus recently started a blog, aptly named “Museum of Selfies,” to host the impending growth of the collection. She invites others to send in their own museum art selfies to be featured on the blog.

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