China Revealed – A Timelapse Film of a Mysterious Country

Switch on the TV news these days and almost certainly one of the items will be about China. The rapid economic growth of this ancient country both inspires and captivates us, yet to most it remains a mysterious and mythical place. This stunning timelapse video by Ryan Edond chronicles, his personal feelings of the place and takes us on a journey from Hong Kong to Beijing with a number of stops in-between:

Called Moments in China, the film is unusual in that it mixes traditional real-time video footage with stunning timelapse sequences.

china timelapse

Ryan beautifully mixes the real time footage of the Chinese people with timelapse of iconic Chinese locations such as the Shanghai and Hong Kong skylines, the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City

timelapse photography from china

For the trip, he uses a Nikon D700 and a Canon 5D Mark III. The motion in the timelapse is generated using a Dynamic Perception rig, delivered from Texas to China in just three days.

The end result is a stunning, colorful and imaginative look at the wonderful enigma that is China.

For Further Training on Time-lapse Photography:

Check out this new COMPLETE guide (146 pages) to shooting, processing and rendering time-lapses using a dslr camera. It can be found here: Time-lapse Photography Guide

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