Check Out the Unbelievable Resolution of a 10K Timelapse

Photography is a fascinating art form. It’s a forever evolving facet for personal expression, visual pleasure, data collection, and technological feats. Joe Capra, of Scientifantastic, combines beauty of imagery with the science of new photographic technologies. This 10k video exposes the impressive resolution of the PhaseOne IQ180:

Capra captured the radiant and eclectic beauty of Rio de Janeiro as he was visiting the city for work. He combined hundreds of individual 80 megapixel still images to create each shot. Each raw frame measures in at an impressive 10328 x 7760 pixels.


The full image of the mountainside slums of Rio de Janeiro shot with the PhaseOne IQ180 at about 14% scale.


The same image, zoomed to 100% scale. The detail in this high resolution image is unbelievable!

Capra used minimal processing on the images, including curves, sharpening, and saturation adjustments. Because H.264 compression and editing can destroy a lot of the original fine detail, Capra kept the images as close to RAW as possible. He used LRTimelapse to create the final stunning product.

“I wanted to show a couple things with this demo video. First, the extreme resolution of this camera (and medium format in general). Second, the amazing amount of flexibility this resolution allows for in post production. You can literally get about 8–10 solid 1920 x 1080 shots out of a single shot. You can also get about 5–6 solid 4K shots out of a single shot.”

brazil 10k timelapse
brazil timelapse photography

Where will this incredible technology take us next?

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