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Contrary to popular opinion, celebrity photography isn’t just for the paparazzi and crazy fans. At the Luminance 2012 photography conference, editorial and commercial photographer Peter Yang discussed the creative process of shooting celebrity portraits. From coming up with distinctive portrait ideas and props, to dealing with the pressure of being given complete creative license, to trying to create an that “iconic” image for each celebrity, Yang gives us an inside look at working with some of the most famous people in the world:

Having worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment, politics, and business–such as Will Ferrell, President Barack Obama, and Donald Trump–Yang admits that it isn’t always easy dealing with so many different types of personalities and expectations. He gives a few simple tips that can apply to portrait photographers–or any photographer, for that matter:

1) Be confident (fake it if you have to!)

2) Be creative and take risks

3) Be patient (take your time–more photos isn’t always better).

Make sure to check out the whole video for the funny stories behind some of the pictures you’ll see below:

cast of Breaking Bad

two cast members from the TV show “Breaking Bad”

“I always think that eating a sandwich will make a picture better . . . and it worked!”

Stephen Colbert photo

comedian Stephen Colbert

Donald Trump photo

business mogul Donald Trump posing as “The Thinker”

Adam Scott photo

actor Adam Scott (from NBC’s “Parks and Recreation”)

“If you don’t have any ideas, a taxidermy animal is always a 50% improvement on your picture”

Today Show hosts photo

The “Today Show” hosts as their 70s selves

Will Ferrell photo

actor and comedian Will Ferrell

Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton photo

portraits of Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton

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  1. Greg Hemming says:

    Do you have any problem with what Pres Clinton is sitting on in the brown suited picture?

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