Capturing Dynamic Sky Activity Using Timelapse Sequences

If you enjoy photography that takes you on a vacation by just looking at it, you’re in for a treat! Photographer Andrew Walker spent the last year and a half photographing various sites in the western half of the United States to obtain these amazing shots. Walker says some of the spots were not easily accessed, but that makes the photos even more worthwhile. Enduring temperatures ranging from -9 to 100 degrees, Walker took over 15,000 still images to create this time lapse video:

Walker’s compilation of amazing photos features many breathtaking landscapes and integrates some man-made elements as you can see in this photo.

stone arch landscape

Time Lapse Photography Ideas

Considering shooting some photos to create your own time lapse? While landscapes are a wonderful choice, you can also create some gorgeous time lapse videos focusing on just about anything of interest. Here are a few examples to get your creative  juices flowing:

  • Flowers Blooming
  • Cycles of the Moon and Stars
  • Lunar Eclipse
  • Extended Snow or Rainfall
  • A Building Being Built
  • City Traffic


Time lapse photography is very time and labor intensive, but the results you can achieve are incredible.

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