Canon Lenses for Wedding Photography

In order to be competitive, wedding photographers must consistently produce images that reflect their unique style. New York-based wedding photographer Christian Oth‘s fashion forward style is decidedly editorial and relaxed. His work has been featured in a wide array of publications, including Martha Stewart, Brides, and New York Time Magazine. Here, Canon Digital Learning Center features Oth and his use of telephoto lenses to create his elegant look:

Because a photojournalist approach requires capturing candid action shots and intimate moments, Oth relies on long, fast lenses that help him capture facial expressions from a distance in varying lighting situations. Telephoto lenses also help him to beautifully photograph wedding details, such as shoes and rings, in context. He favors a 100mm f/2.8L macro lens due to its quick focusing speed and shallow depth of field.

For his signature bride and groom portraits on busy Madison Avenue, Christian Oth prefers to use a 300mm lens, which compresses the view down the street and creates a perspective that is universally appealing.


“There are pictures everywhere; there are…pictures left and right.”

A master of his craft and of his tools, Oth uses telephoto lenses with graceful ease in a variety of venues and situations to create his strong style.


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