Can You Guess the Everyday Items in These Macro Photos?

There’s a world right under our noses that we seldom notice. It’s a world that we skim through but never venture deep inside. It’s only when we’re armed with a microscope or a macro lens that we’re able to magnify that world and really admire the details:

Photographer Pyanek uses simple gear like an entry level Rebel T3i (600D) with a reversed kit lens and Helicon Focus (for focus stacking) to shoot and edit these fascinating macro images of everyday things. For post-processing, he uses Lightroom and Exposure 5.

Can you guess what they are without looking at the captions?

macro photography tools


how to shoot macro photos

X Key of a Computer Keyboard

lens reversal technique

Brass Key

macro photography subjects

Soap Foam

kit lens macro photography technique

Book Pages

Pyanek’s photos really get you to stop and appreciate the small things in life.

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