Cameraman Almost Hit by Wingsuiter When Flyby Ends Up a Bit Too Close

Mathias Wyss and Ludovic Woerth, a pair of wingsuit flyers, came dangerously close to a cameraman on a recent adventure. The two were filming for a movie called Image: Life Spent On The Edge. In this clip, taken from the Imagine footage, you can see the athletes’ close call as they soar around the mountainside:

Flying over a group of skiers, the wingsuit flyers appear to be carving the mountain themselves, as they twist and turn through trees and swoop in close to the ground while in flight.


The wingsuiters got a little too close for this cameraman’s comfort.

In the photo above, you can see one of the flyers as he approaches the aforementioned cameraman, who is trying to stay clear of the passing wingsuiters, attempting to avoid the path of the approaching flyer that is racing toward him without having to put his camera down.

It’s hard to say who had the biggest adrenaline rush during the flyby–the wingsuiters or the cameraman.

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One response to “Cameraman Almost Hit by Wingsuiter When Flyby Ends Up a Bit Too Close”

  1. Sean Fenn says:

    That’s just plan stupid!!! Wing suiting is just a stupid reckless thing to do, everyone shouldn’t go as far as calling it a sport. ?

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