Bullet Time Light Painting with 50 Cameras

Many artists have experimented with light painting, and the results are usually pretty incredible. But one group of artists recently took the art form to the next level, to say the least. The German team ZOLAQ worked with Olympus on a massive light painting project that used 50 cameras to capture this one mind-blowing composition:

Collaborating with Olympus and design agency, Bird Like, the artists created their “50 Camera Project – Bullet Time Lightpainting.” It took hours to set up the 50 OM-D E-M10 cameras that captured the footage for the video. The Olympus mirrorless cameras were mounted to do an arcing sweep of the set, capturing 70 GB worth of images.

50 camera setup

Using Live Composite mode, they were able to shoot multiple long exposures and stack them into one final composition. This feature is often used to capture things like star trails and fireworks, but this time the team used it with a different effect in mind.

bullet time light painting

With the arcing images combined together, they froze the light paintings in midair, while the cameras moved around them—a pretty unique final effect.

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