Bored at Work? Recreate Famous Paintings With Stuff in the Office

There are always times when you’re bored at work. Most of us just waste time while we wait for the minutes to pass. Others, however, get extremely creative and resourceful. Two employees at Squarespace in NYC decided to recreate famous paintings using just things found around their office, and (what looks like) their smartphone cameras:

This is proof that resourcefulness is the key to good art. You can always use household items to improve your photography if you’re smart enough. Chris and Franceso, who run a blog called Fools Do Art, show that with the right amount of motivation and creativity you can pull anything you want off.

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One response to “Bored at Work? Recreate Famous Paintings With Stuff in the Office”

  1. These are hysterical, however, I will never be able to get the Mona Lisa recreation out of my head. And, why isn’t he naked in the last one? Thanks for posting!

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