Better Photography in 7 Tips

Since the day you started learning photography, you’ve probably gone through hundreds of videos on photography tips. Well, learning is indeed a continuous process. To that end, landscape photographer Nigel Danson shares seven tips and tricks that have made a big difference to his photography. You could definitely learn a thing or two from this video:

A fundamental tip that Danson shares is regarding your relationship with your camera. It’s vital that you understand the capabilities and features of your camera inside-out. Your camera should be of second nature to you. This way, you won’t be fumbling around with the camera when an opportunity presents itself to you. And instead of wasting time trying to change the camera settings, you can invest more time in nailing your composition. This is more important.

And speaking of composition, feel free to experiment with it. Try different perspectives, use different focal lengths and see how the images change. Also, instead of just going out to shoot during the golden hours, go out during different hours of the day. Even try your luck when the weather is a bit challenging. You will be surprised with what you can get with all those varying lighting conditions.

And besides the camera bits, Danson also shares important insights on editing. Don’t shy away from editing your photos. Understand that editing is a vital part of photography and helps in achieving your vision as a photographer. Learning to edit your shot properly will give a huge boost to the quality of your images.

Besides these, Danson also shares some elaborate tips in the video. Be sure to watch the complete video and take notes.

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