Behind the Scenes of a Model Shoot, Starring… Barbie?

In some ways, she’s the ideal fashion model: she doesn’t blink, she takes direction, she doesn’t have an ego. How could she? She’s plastic. (It’s fantastic!) The men behind the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition went all-out with this recent parody photo shoot. Watch the brisk two-minute satire here:

The shoot was helmed by iconic sports photographer Walter Iooss, best known for emotional portraits of Kobe Bryant, Bill Clinton, Lebron James, Morgan Freeman, and now Barbie. “She gets it,” Iooss says in the video of the popular girly doll, without a trace of irony. “And the great models get it.”

There really isn’t more to be said about this one. The video’s short; we recommend you check it out.


Is Barbie the ideal model?

“I’ve been waiting for this day with Barbie. I’ve seen all the good ones go through the locations, but she’s hot. Barbie’s hot.”- Walter Iooss

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One response to “Behind the Scenes of a Model Shoot, Starring… Barbie?”

  1. Michael says:

    Loved the parody – touche! And what really tickled me was at 0:22 when Walter’s camera strap is dangling in the middle of the lens as he takes the shot – too funny!

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