Behind the Scenes of a Magical Ultraviolet Bodypaint Photoshoot

Ben Von Wong has earned himself the title of being one of the leading epic photographers in the business with his insanely wicked fire photoshoots and underwater adventures. In his latest video, he takes us on set as he explores the challenges of photographing ultraviolet body paint:

One of the main challenges Von Wong talks about in regards to shooting with UV lights is the low amount of light dispersed by them. This typically leaves you with too much noise, too shallow depth of field, or too much motion blur from having to use a long shutter speed.

low light photography

To get around this issue, Von Wong brought in a few broncolor strobes and a broncolor UV adapter to supplement the standard blacklights.

To that end, Von Wong recommends everyone give this type of shoot a try; the UV lights can be picked up for around $25. And, while the broncolors are nice tools, this can be done with more affordable equipment, too.


“I think everything looks more magical under blacklights.”

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