Behind the Scenes: Fiat Body Paint Photo Shoot

While not entirely original (we saw this done in the form of human motorcycles a while back), the concept is still pretty fresh, especially when being used as an advertisement for a major car manufacturer. For a new Fiat ad campaign, the company is using body painted models as a substitute for a car. The results? Pretty awesome:

The talent in the shoot is a collective of circus performers, artists, and contortionists, and all of them were body painted by one of the best artists in the game, Craig Tracey. After planning all the shots and pre-production was finished up, photographer RJ Muna came in to take the reins.


Meticulous planning and artistry went into painting and posing the models.


“I’ve been involved in many shoots and worked for many clients, but this by far has been the most ambitious and the most interesting and most fun shoot I’ve even been on.”

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One response to “Behind the Scenes: Fiat Body Paint Photo Shoot”

  1. Mike says:

    Nice bodywork!

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