Beginner’s Tricks for Cooking Up Food Photos

More often than not, there’s much more to food photography than meets the eye. Sure, a delicious plate of food may seem like an easy subject to work with. But what appeals to our stomachs doesn’t always appeal to our eyes. Color, lighting, and composition can all influence whether a dish looks good enough to eat.

So, how do food photographers manage to make our mouths water?

Photographer Saurav Sinha takes us behind the scenes to show off the gear they used and the work that goes into making food look pretty for the camera. From settings to perspective, there are techniques that seasoned professionals have adopted over time to get fantastic food photography. Some of the advice offered may seem intuitive, but Sinha goes through the trouble of illustrating every talking point. Even the smallest adjustments can be impactful in crafting interesting food photos.

The goal of food photography is to build a connection between viewers and culinary creations. Without smell or taste to help, getting an audience invested can be a difficult task. But, it’s by no means impossible. With these helpful tidbits, you’ll be one step closer to crafting convincing food photos of your own.

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  1. a very good vlog with great tips!

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