Beautiful Video About Wedding Photography

I was surprised to see a video about wedding photography going viral today, but when I watched it I immediately realized why. It is a very touching look at the art of wedding photography and what it means to a photographer who has dedicated his life to it. I was very moved and inspired by it:

It was created by SHEP FILMS (commenters were theorizing that it was filmed primarily with the Canon 5d Mark II DSLR but I couldn’t find a straight answer on it) and it is about Kirk Mastin, a professional wedding photographer based in Seattle.

Kirk says “No two weddings I’ve shot have been the same and I am amazed at how the chemistry of the couple, the location, and even the weather can make for unexpected and stunning photos. It’s what makes my job so much fun.”

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3 responses to “Beautiful Video About Wedding Photography”

  1. perihelion82 says:

    I’m so happy I watched this. That’s amazing. Those are the type of people who should be wedding photographers, 100%….

  2. kdaylyon says:

    I, too,live in Seattle, and have seen this gentleman at work. This video says it all.

  3. Great photographer, great director, amazing couples, I just love it.

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