Band Photography in the Misty Mountains

Shooting local bands is a great way to start out making money in photography and building up your portfolio. In this video, Flash Light Productions shows their first behind-the-scenes shoot which takes place in a dim and misty mountain setting and features the members of the band, Last Act Standing. While the video may be a bit amateurish in quality, the photos of the band are not:

Photographer Brandon Cawood shows he knows what he’s doing when it comes to photography. The first thing you should notice in this video is Cawood’s ability to quickly adapt to the situation. He says that he originally intended on a nice, bright sunny shoot, but at the time of the shoot there were only clouds and fog. However, Cawood is able to readjust his shoot and opts for a dynamic side lighting look which adds drama to the dim and dark background of the scene.

This ability to adapt to changes is important in photography. Weather and lighting conditions are always changing, and it’s important that the photography can turn the unexpected into an opportunity for some great, albeit different photos than originally intended.

dynamic lighting

Using side lighting to create a dramatic look

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