Baby Photography: Tips for Photographing Newborns

You are awaiting the birth of your baby with much anticipation, and the first thing on your to-do list is to look for a newborn photographer to capture those first few moments of your blissful baby’s innocent face. Even if you are not hiring a professional, with these tips you can take beautiful pictures of your little angel in her heavenly bliss.

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Do Not Rush

If you are contemplating being your baby’s photographer yourself, you do not need to rush and capture only the first few moments after your baby’s birth. Unlike a professional photographer, you have a lot of time at your disposal and you can easily pace yourself according to your baby’s moods and your own comfort up to a month post delivery. In fact, giving your photographic expedition some time, you can capture your baby’s subtle changes with precision while making it a low-stress affair.

Choose the Right Setting

Pick out the right time of the day to capture snapshots of your baby. For instance, capture him post meal when he is contented to the core. Take pictures during the morning hours when he is refreshed and comfortable in a warm room. If she is sleeping, do not attempt to wake her up as she may turn cranky and mar all your efforts. Instead capture that innocent face while it dreams away, and save her awake photos for some other day. The background should be equally done up in the right hues with baby blankets and pillows.

Use Good Lighting

Proper lighting is one of the most important aspects of newborn photography. Of course, you do not want your baby to be cast in a way as to make him look like a babe from a horror flick. Make sure lighting is flattering and is flowing down from above so that your baby glows in an angelic halo. Natural light is the best choice for your baby and the trick is to experiment with various angles to get the right expressions and shadows.

Focus on the Details

The pink, soft lips, the round nose, the scanty, spiky hair, or the funny, adorable expression as your baby sleeps—who wants to part with these? Be prepared with your camera and macro lens to capture these special little details. Freeze the moment when he clasps your finger with his tiny little hands or capture a yawn with his tiny little eyes closed.

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Involve Your Older Children

Your newborn baby in your toddler’s lap can be a beautiful picture if taken correctly, but it also presents a whole lot of challenges. Placing the baby on a two year old’s lap can anything but easy, and you need to make sure that you get the right expressions from both your darlings to make a photo of a lifetime. Involve your partner to ignite a smile on the face of the older child while you act quick lightning to capture shots in a sequence.

Remember: be a happy parent to capture happy shots. Patience is required when you have been blessed with the boon of motherhood or fatherhood. Nothing seems more enjoyable than capturing the beautiful expressions of your little one.

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