5 Ways to Avoid the Worst Digital Photography Mistakes

photography-mistakesIt is not uncommon for beginners to make digital photography mistakes when they first venture into this hobby. I used to make those awful photography mistakes and my photos were terrible!

Below are five common photography mistakes. You can learn how to prevent them when you shoot and fix them. If you can avoid these mistakes, I can assure you that the quality of your photos will increase dramatically!

Red-eye happens because the light from the digital camera’s flash reflects off the retina of your subject’s eyes. This is a problem that is so common that even the pros face it too! The fool-proof way is to turn off the flash when shooting. However, if it is really too dark and you must use the flash, remember to ask your subject to face towards your camera but do not look directly at the lens.

Subject is too far
Sometimes, if you subject is too far away, your photo will lack a focal point. You are trying to fit too much into your photo and it will not look great. This mistake is pretty easy to fix. Just get closer to your subject. If you really can’t get close enough, use your digital camera’s optical zoom. You will realized that your photo and subject will be nicer if they are closer.

Blurry Photos
If you shake your camera or if your subject is moving, you will get blurred photos. The best way is to use a tripod if your subject is still. But, if your subject is moving, you can use the “action” mode in your digital camera. Different cameras have different terms for this mode. Read your instruction manual. This “action” mode function will optimize the shutter speed to capture the action automatically.

photography-mistakes2Underexposed Photos
Underexposed photos are also one of the very common photography mistakes. It means that there is not enough light and your photo is dark. If you are taking pictures indoor, you can get near a window or move closer to your subject. Besides that, you can also manually adjust the shutter speed of your digital camera.

Overexposed Photos
This means that your photos are too bright. Extreme sunlight or flash can cause overexposed photos. Your photos can have very light or very dark areas. Overexposed photos usually lack detail and can look very washed out. Find a shade when you are shooting your subject on a sunny day. If you are using a flash, do not stand too close to your subject as well.

The above digital photography mistakes are pretty common. The best way to overcome them is to learn from them. Shoot more photos and see how they turn out. If they turn out bad, recall how you took them and under what type of conditions. Try to avoid those mistakes in the future!

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