Are You Making These Photography Excuses?

There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes. Those who accept their mistakes and make an effort to rectify and overcome those mistakes are more likely to succeed. However too many people tend to come up with an excuse on which to blame their mistakes. The same problem exists in photography. Blaming the camera, lighting or anything for a bad photo or your behavior is not the way to grow. In today’s video, photographer Ted Forbes shares five excuses that photographers often make that can keep them from becoming successful at what they do:

How many times have you blamed Instagram’s algorithm because your posts weren’t performing well? Well, before playing the blame game, it’s important that you review what you’re sharing, how consistently you’re online and why you’re posting anything at all. If you invest your time in understanding these parameters, you may realize the solutions are within your control.

Gear is another area where we often make excuses. We spend more time thinking about what lens or filter to use than what we should be looking for. A better idea is to only grab what you need and carry only the gear you’re sure to actually use. Your gear has to justify your need. At the end of the day, it’s what you capture that matters the most—not the gear.

“When a great picture is presented in front of me, rarely do I think about what camera and lens it was taken on.”

Forbes discusses how most photographers are hesitant to venture into video and several other common excuses that can hold artists back. And if you’re guilty of not taking many photos this year—sure, you could blame the pandemic, but Forbes has an answer to that, too.

Be sure to watch the entire video and let us know if you’re guilty of falling back on any of these excuses.

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One response to “Are You Making These Photography Excuses?”

  1. Fenella says:

    I was guilty about this, but I learned that Instead of wasting the time blaming external factors why we can’t get the job done. it is much better to use it to work on solutions and correcting our mistakes. If the lighting isn’t good, edit it; if the photos don’t look good for your social media, use background removal tools like,, etc. and place it on Canva templates to make images.

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