Annoying Types of Instagram Photos

I love Instagram, it’s the service that brings everybody closer to photography—easy to use and catchy, it gives anyone the chance to let their imagination run loose and create unique, stunning shots that can be shared at a tap. But with so many people using Instagram, it’s hard not to notice some recurring themes. Here are nine photos that have become clichés on Instagram, and DigitalRev thinks you should avoid them:

As you can see in the video, the guys are pretty fed up with some of these shots. So, according to them, here’s what you should avoid (over)doing:

  1. Bathroom selfies. Since we’re going there to have some private time, why even share photos of that private time on Instagram?
  2. Coffee shots. They’re not bad, but they’re definitely overdone. My Instagram feed is so filled with coffee shots I can always tell when it’s morning time on my friend’s timezones.
  3. “I just woke up.” Everybody wakes up in the morning, it’s not a share-worthy event, according to the DigitalRev TV guys.
  4. Christmas time! This applies to “first snow of the year” and just about every other holiday shot – once is enough, but you shouldn’t go overboard and share a ton of photos on the same topic.
  5. Look at my new toy! Sharing a photo of your new gear is cool, but not a dozen angles of it. And not with every single gadget you buy.
  6. Fancy sports cars. If it’s not yours, why even bother posing with it?
  7. Quotes at the side of the photo. They’re simply too much.
  8. #nofilter. We all take some photos without filters, they’re not that special. But why tag a photo like that, especially since we all know you tweaked it?
  9. Bad food. If it’s not making everyone’s mouth water, it probably shouldn’t be shared online.
overdone instagram cliche photos

An all too common sight wherever you go out nowadays—people taking Instagram photos.

What do you think about this list? Did they miss any Instagram clichés? Are there any more photos like this you’re tired of seeing in your feed?

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