Angry Unicorn vs. Clown Photographer

This three-and-a-half-minute video of an ugly spat between a unicorn and a clown photographer on the subway was recorded by Mike Furlender. Let me rephrase that, because the clown was entirely at the receiving end of the verbal abuse. It was Halloween and the clown was photographing subway passengers in costumes. The usual, you might say. Until one angry unicorn got irked. Here’s what followed (warning: strong language):

If you’re an ardent street photographer you may have faced a similar situation yourself. You pointed your camera at someone, took a shot, and inadvertently made someone very unhappy.

(Via PetaPixel)

Street photography isn’t easy for a lot of reasons. But, as long as you’re on public property, shooting legally, and there’s no express instruction otherwise, you’re well within your rights to take photos.

angry street photography spat

The clown photographer meets his match!

Moral of the story? Watch out for angry unicorns, if you’re a clown!

The photographer in this case wasn’t doing anything illegal, but should he have taken the upset passenger’s complaints to heart and deleted her photo? What would you have done in this situation?

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