Amateur Photographer Captures Engagement, Seeks Out Couple

On a recent vacation to Washington, D.C., an amateur photographer found herself in the right the place at the right time. Angela Golik was enjoying an evening at The War Memorial when she noticed a lone couple standing beneath a pavillion in the distance. Bringing her camera up to take a photograph, she realized what she was seeing was a very special moment–the gentleman in the photograph was proposing to the woman. Golik snapped away with her camera as the man removed a ring from his pocket and placed it onto the woman’s hand, followed by a tender embrace. In an attempt to locate the happy couple to give them the photographs, Golik posted the photos online. Little did she know the story would become an instant internet sensation, racking up hundreds of thousands of views in just a handful days. Listen to her describe her story:

Since the airing of the interview, the happy couple has come forward and are delighted to receive Goliks photographs. They do wish, however, to avoid the spotlight as they plan their wedding in private.

candid military engagement pictures

“It’s a beautiful image. It does make you stop and captures a little bit of your heart.”

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  1. baby Jean says:

    great picture ! really at the right moment <3

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