A Stop Motion Wedding Proposal

You know it’s going to be a great event when a bunch of photographers get together and combine their skills for a cause. In the video below we saw just that: ten photographers getting together to capture Drew Geraci‘s wedding proposal on camera. Here’s how it went:

It took quite a bit of planning, but after Geraci came up with the idea of proposing he and the ten photographers spent a month planning and researching how it would be done. The idea would be to have them all sit in a circle, blended among other tourists, and capture a perfect 360 degree stop-motion photo circle.

stop motion wedding photography photo circle

The moment they’ve all been waiting for.

Even though it’s difficult to get a stop-motion effect without setting everything up in a studio, they still managed to get a near perfect photo circle of the event. And at the end of the day not only do they have a great wedding proposal, they have ten different shots of it happening, so you know their wedding album is going to rock!

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