A Professional Photographer’s Guide to Pricing (Video Tutorial)

Let’s talk about sales. It’s not the most glamorous aspect of working as a professional photographer, and it’s a point of contention in many client relationships. But, no matter how unpleasant the subject may be, it’s necessary to talk through for those hoping to promote their photography as a business.

Pye Jirsa kicks off this insightful conversation on navigating prices, packages, and beyond. Right off the bat, he provides this great tidbit on what it means to be selling your services:

Any good sales book worth its salt will tell you that in the role of a salesperson, your job is client advocacy. It’s all about understanding what a person’s wants are and then helping them to figure out a product or a solution that gets them to that place.

Our jobs as freelance photographers aren’t just snapping a few shots for a set price. It’s about discovering what a client is looking for and how you can help make those desires a reality. It’s also about expressing your value as a creative individual in a way that minimizes friction between you and your customers.

So, how can you adjust your business practices to accomplish those goals? Does your marketing even reach the people that need you most? Jirsa explains what you need to do to get through to clients in clear, simple terms that you can start implementing today.

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