8 Ways to Get Fired from a Photography Set

Have you ever encountered that really annoying photographer’s assistant who always seems to have a piece of advice to give to the director on the set? Or the random individual who seems bent on creating a personal relationship with the client when their real job is to be useful somewhere else? It’s always irritating to have people like these on set. They usually end up getting fired—or at least never called back. Jay P Morgan shares eight easy ways to get fired on a set:

1. Show up late

We all know what time the shoot starts. The least we can do is arrive on time.

2. Arrive unprepared

The best way to get the message across that you really don’t care is to arrive unprepared. Bring no tools with you and expect someone will take care of your needs on the set.

3. Make your opinions known

No one likes the person who always has a piece of advice on how to get things done and is not shy to speak up. Even if the recipient of that advice is the director or the producer on the set, that’s a serious breach of etiquette and a great way to get fired.

4. Be on your phone

Obviously, when a person hires you to do a job, they don’t expect you to be on your phone all the time. Make sure that your phone is invisible and only pops out during breaks.

tips for being a photography assistant

5. Make yourself scarce

If you’re on set and are never around, chances are you will not be missed and someone else will take your job the next time. That someone will have a better sense of what’s going on, a keen eye, and presence of mind. Someone who is always in earshot and ready to help whenever called for is most appreciated.

6. Go to work to eat

If you are the sort of individual who goes to work only to eat, chances are you will end up getting fired. Make sure to put your priorities in order. If you have to eat in between work, just grab something quickly and get back to work.

7. Establish a personal relationship with a client

No one hires an assistant to create a business relationship with the client. Do the work you were hired for.

8. Leave a mess

It’s your mess. Clean it up. Don’t leave it for someone else.

So, what’s your story? Have you fired someone or been fired yourself? Share your story with us.

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