8 Things You Should Always Have in Your Camera Bag

Ever been on a photo shoot and found yourself in a pinch because you were just lacking that one essential item? Maybe it rained and your camera bag or a piece of equipment got wet. Well, a plastic bag would have come in handy, right? Or, maybe while you were shooting that incredible event, someone noticed you and asked about photography services, but, oops, you didn’t have any business cards on you. David Bergman gives you a rundown of a few things you should always have on hand to make your life a little bit easier:

This isn’t a list of obvious things like backup cameras or lenses. Bergman talks about things you wouldn’t normally think of, but come in super handy when you least expect it.

1. Ear Plugs

Sure, most of us aren’t rocking out at a Bon Jovi concert for work, but if you are shooting a concert or find yourself in a loud location like a factory, ear plugs will definitely help.

concert photography ear plugs

2. Little Screwdriver

Like the ones you get for fixing glasses. These fit the screws in your lens mount, and you never know when you might need to do a quick tightening job.

3. Sharpie

It’s just a good idea to have a marker with you to write with. Plus, you can wrap gaffer tape around it.

gaffer tape photography

4. Gaffer Tape

Great for taping cords and wires to the floor, labeling stuff, and a bunch of other helpful uses.

5. Blower and Cleaning Cloth

Always useful and convenient for quick cleanups.

lens cleaning cloth

6. Small Bungee Cord

You can use it to strap your tripod to the side of a roller. And, if the ground is wet, you can use it to hang your camera bag from a railing or fixture.

7. Small Flashlight

A small flashlight is helpful in dark settings, and a flashlight can even be used to light up your subject.

small flashlight photography lighting

8. Plastic Bags

A small sandwich bag can be used to protect your camera in the rain. And, a large garbage bag is perfect for covering your entire camera bag.

Other Useful Items

  • Business cards
  • Extra memory cards
  • Phone charger
  • First aid supplies

These are just a few of the things Bergman keeps in his camera bag. What’s in yours?

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One response to “8 Things You Should Always Have in Your Camera Bag”

  1. Wendy says:

    Well, if “just in case” is an argument for carrying earplugs, than it’s an argument for a small tin (or film canister) of ibuprofen as well. You never know when someone’s going to get achy or an inopportune headache. I’m in the habit of carrying it because I have “female problems,” but more than once, I’ve been at events where someone needed an NSAID and I was the only person who had anything.

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