7 Impactful Photography Tips

This is really a golden age for those wanting to learn basically anything. Information is readily available in various forms. How much of the information we want to take and put into practice is all up to us. However, not everything out there is golden. In the context of photography, while most of the sources are redundant, questions can also be raised about their effectiveness. Not everything you watch or read is impactful. In this video, photographer Nigel Danson shares with you 7 tried and tested tips that had the biggest impact in his photography:

“I’ve got 7 things that make a really big difference to my photography and they’re really simple to do as well. They’re probably not the most obvious things; not the things that you think of straight away.”

Danson doesn’t necessarily talk about the camera settings that you should be using to take photos. Rather he shares some workflow ideas that’ll help you to take better photographs.

For instance, planning is a very important skill to have if you want to grow as a successful photographer. You need to do your research, study the light and weather of the area you’ll be shooting in, and also sort out your gear beforehand. This doesn’t mean that you don’t go out if the weather is “unfavorable”. Make an effort to go out no matter what the weather – as long as it is safe. You can still take some amazing shots even if it’s a bit cloudy or if it’s raining. It actually can add to the atmosphere and mood of your image.

And while you’re out there, don’t always stick to your regular style. Be open to trying out new composition techniques, and new subjects. Try and change your perspective for fresh-looking shots. Doing so will ignite your creativity too.

Lastly, sharpen up your editing skills. Editing is a vital part of photography that helps to improve your presentation. Also, developing your own photography style reflects your personality in your images and develops a sense of identity. And this is quite essential from a business point of view.

If you’ve been struggling to improve your photography, maybe you were focusing on the wrong things. Try out these tips and see how they can help you improve your photography.

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