6 Tips Every Newborn Photographer Should Know

Are you just starting out as a baby photographer? Have you been doing it for years? Either way, baby photography comes with its own set of unique hurdles, especially when photographing newborns. Besides just choosing the right lighting and pose, newborns need extra special care at all times. To make it a little easier on you, SLR Lounge has come up with six really simple and safe tips for newborn photography:

1. Prepare Your Shoot

  • Keep the area warm.
  • Set up a space heater.
  • Test the temperature so the baby doesn’t get too hot.
  • Feed and burp the baby to keep them comfortable and sleepy.

preparing newborn photo shoot

2. Choose Fun Props

  • Consider colorful hats, headbands, wraps, and swaddles.
  • Show how small the newborn is with props like baskets and bowls.
  • Consider props based on the parents’ hobbies and interests.

newborn photo props

3. Comfort the Newborn

  • Use white noise to help soothe the baby.
  • Swaddle or wrap the baby.
  • Rock the baby gently.
  • Use a soft, soothing voice.
  • Keep your hands warm, as cold hands are startling.

newborn photography shoot

4. Put Safety First

  • Consider the props you’re using.
  • Avoid hard or sharp objects.
  • Never place a baby on a high or unsteady area without a spotter.
  • Consider composite images for any risky scenes.

photo shoot safety

5. Learn Basic Newborn Poses

baby back pose

baby side pose

tummy pose

baby details photo

6. Use Natural Light

  • Use window light as your main light source.
  • Use a reflector to fill in shadows.

natural window light photo

Don’t be intimidated by newborn photography. These tips are just a few of the basics, but they will definitely make the session run a lot more smoothly, so you can focus on capturing adorable and unique images!

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