5 Ways to Improve Your Photography

As an amateur photographer, you’re more than likely feeling a little impatient with the learning process. No doubt, you just want to be creating awesome, mind-blowing images this minute. Forget about weeks, months, or even years from now. Well, apparently Kai & his team understand this, so they’ve come up with some tips for improved photography and instant gratification:

If you’ve found yourself laughing too hard and you’ve missed some of the key points, here’s the gist:

1. Size Down Your Gear

Stick to the basics. By using only one camera and lens, you can learn how to get the best shot instead of focusing on figuring out how to use all the gear.

2. Good Artists Copy

Choose a shot you like by another artist and emulate it. It may just be a knock-off, but in the process you’re learning how to appreciate and develop a style.

3. Force Yourself to Shoot Less

Maybe get a smaller memory card or just forget digital completely. You can learn to recognize a great shot if you are more selective and put some pressure on yourself to get the shot the first time.

4. Use M Mode

Going fully manual is the best way to learn. Using M mode forces you to understand what everything means–aperture, shutter speed, ISO.

5. Look for Critique

Feedback is always good. Even if it’s harsh, it’s helpful.

photography tips
Prefer instant gratification? Try these 5 tongue-in-cheek tips:

  1. Blur everything
  2. Tilt your camera when taking a shot
  3. Add some vignetting
  4. Make poorly done HDR
  5. Turn it all to black and white

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