5 Tips for Soothing a Newborn Baby During a Photo Shoot

Shooting newborn portraits can either be incredibly taxing or a total breeze. If you market yourself as a family photographer, be sure to emphasize that you can handle newborns, because parents will be thrilled to find someone who can handle an otherwise uncontrollable crying baby. Of course, if you can’t handle them, you’ll look like a putz. So here are five tips, courtesy of SLR Lounge, to help you shoot newborn infants:

  1. Use white noise to comfort the babies. Photographers used to use hairdryers, but there are now apps available that are specifically made for soothing infants.
  2. To prevent movement and keep a sense of comfort, try wrapping the baby in a shawl, towel, or scarf.
  3. Stay calm. Really, you don’t need two babies in the room.
  4. Acting like a parent usually works, so try rocking the baby or whispering hushes to calm him or her down.
  5. If your circulation sucks, you might want to wear gloves to keep your hands warm. Cold hands can startle and upset infants.

Use a white noise app to comfort babies.

Once you get the hang of newborn photography, you’ll find a whole new aspect of family photography to explore.

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