5 Tips for Beginner Photographers

You can get caught up in really confusing situations when just starting photography. This is mainly because you’ve got so much to understand and learn during that beginning period. Getting to know your camera, learning the settings, all those composition guides – no wonder things can get pretty puzzling. In such situations, it’s important that you get a grasp of the things that really matter and then build your skills from there. Photographer Ben Maclean shares with you 5 tips that are useful for new photographers:

Maclean touches on some basic yet essential topics that can be pretty helpful for those of you starting out. He doesn’t jump into gear related stuff but talks about certain techniques that you should pay attention to.

Like when taking a photograph, don’t just think about the subject. Try adding depth to your image by incorporating foreground and background. This adds depth to your image and instantly makes your image so much more interesting. Another effective technique to use is the famous ‘rule of thirds’. This composition technique instantly draws attention to the subject and makes your image impactful. Be sure to enable the rule of thirds grid in your camera settings.

Consider taking a tripod with you if you feel like – it could improve your photo. In situations where the lighting is low, or when you want to make sure that the image is razor-sharp, carry one with you. You’ll be amazed by how effective it can be. For videos, Maclean demonstrates a neat trick that shows how you can use the strap for stabilized footage.

And finally, don’t get too excited. Sometimes we can get so excited about taking photos that we forget to inspect the camera settings. Ensure that you adjust the camera to suit the conditions you’re shooting in before jumping in.

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