4 Super Cheap Lenses You Have to Try

Think you can’t buy cool lenses for your mirrorless DSLR for less than a week’s paycheck? Well, think again.  French photographer Mathieu Stern has found lenses that retail for less than $30 each! Each has a distinctive look and fits easily onto any mirrorless camera:

The glass we use is some of our most prized real estate, and generally speaking, you get what you pay for. But, if you’re going for something artsy or have been wanting to play around with pinhole or fisheye effects, these lenses Stern has found aren’t a bad starting point.

Toy Lenses for Under $30

  1. Pinhole lens – If you’ve always wanted to try pinhole photography but couldn’t be bothered with building your own camera, this little lens might make a great starting point. Of course, you could probably DIY it by just poking a hole in a lens cover, too. (If you choose this route make sure your lens is off your camera!!)
  2. Fujian 35MM F1.7 — This fast lens can create some really interesting bokeh. It sells for $35 on Amazon, but Stern found it somewhere for a mere $19.
  3. Holga 25mm F8 — This lens is a bit harder to find than the others, but it will give you a sweet, distinctive look.
  4. Holga Fisheye — While the fisheye effect isn’t for everybody, it can make for some interesting shots.
Super-cheap fisheye lens

Holga Fisheye Lens

In the end, it’ll take some shopping around to find most of these lenses for less than $30. And if you’re wanting crisp, clean, high quality photos, you’ll probably still need to invest some real $$ in your glass. Still, if you’re a hobbyist shooting for fun, these might make for a great project.

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2 responses to “4 Super Cheap Lenses You Have to Try”

  1. Tony Cr says:

    Thanks for this (I hope). I just ordered the Fujian so it will be interesting to see how it works out.

  2. Michael Hoskins says:

    “DIY it by just poking a hole in a lens cover, too. (If you choose this route make sure your lens is off your camera!!)

    Might be better to try a body cap rather than a lens cover.

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