38 Amazing Aerial Drone Photos from Around the World

It wasn’t too long ago that drones came on the scene and photographers were taking advantage of the new technology to capture amazing, unique aerial perspectives. But those days are long gone with laws spanning the globe that ban the high flying spies. When used by honest, good-hearted photographers however, the drone cameras were a wonderful thing. New Zealand photographer, Amos Chapple, has an amazing portfolio of the two years he spent traveling the world with a quadcopter and a camera:

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As Chapple says, there was a window of about 18 months when you were allowed to fly drones pretty much anywhere. And he just happened to spend that window bouncing around places like India, Russia, Spain, France, to name a few. By attaching his camera to a quadcopter drone, Chapple was able to capture incredibly unique aerial views of some of the world’s most breathtaking historic sites and cities.

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